Managed Protection Plan

$6.25/month per PC on a 1 year subscription ($25.00 one-time install/activation fee)

Welcome to our Managed Protection Plan, an all in one antivirus and PC protection designed to keep your PCs and laptops safe and healthy with antivirus, antisypyware and malware protection so you can concentrate on using them as you intended.

Common issues we help you solve include:
Reducing downtime
Improving system performance
Installing updates and upgrades
System security

Denwal Computer Services will install and monitor the status of your Managed Protection product.  By receiving 24/7 alerts and reports, we are able to automatically keep your PC safe from threats and malware and provide notification of any necessary precautions.  A daily Hacker Check is also performed to determine if there were excessive unsuccessful login attempts on your PCs or laptops.

In addition to the start-up checks, the Managed Protection platform provides Denwal Computer Services asset tracking capabilities (hardware and software) for each of our client’s workstations.  By having this information, we can respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to any issues which may arise.

Choose the Managed Protection Plan for peace of mind.  Once you are set up, you can also enjoy the benefits of other services available while on the plan such as our Remote Support and Managed Backup.

Getting Started is quick and easy!  To get set up and to start enjoying the benefits of our Managed Protection, simply call us at (204)808-5933 or (204)809-6343.  You can also visit the contact us page to sign up or request more information.


Additional Managed Protection Services

Remote Support

$0.75/minute ($15.00 minimum/connection)

When there are problems detected which cannot be corrected automatically, Remote Support can be deployed.  Remote Support is a separate service from the Managed Protection that is available to our customer on the Managed Protection Plan.

Managed Backup Services

A secure cloud based backup solution to manage, backup and restore data.

Minimum Plan up to 20GB storage – $20/month on annual subscription
Up to 30GB storage – $30/month on annual subscription
Custom Plans and setups available

We welcome you to our managed backup offering that takes the worry and effort off of your shoulders and provides you with peace of mind that your data file backups are in good hands.  A managed backup solution with low recovery time that keeps your data secure is encrypted and never leaves the data centers.

Keep your files (documents, pictures, etc.) safe.  Backups of selected files are done daily to ensure if ever there is a PC hardware failure, data loss or corruption, etc. you can have your information recovered as needed.  The Managed backup technology breaks changes down to the block level, ensuring the fastest of backups.