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Troubleshoot and recommend options to keep everything running smoothly or for specific problems you may be experiencing.  Worksheet provided.



We can attempt a manual virus removal at an hourly rate. If there are more serious viruses (Trojans, etc.), a manual attempt is not guaranteed and we would recommend our Fix it Plan.

Pricing Varies

All in one antivirus and PC protection

Enjoy the benefits of managed antivirus and PC protection along with the other services available to you as a Managed Protection Plan customer.

See our Managed Protection Plan page for full details.

Quick Check Diagnosis $65.00

If your computer is slow, if you are unsure if its performance is optimal or for a specific problem you may be experiencing the Quick Check has it covered.  Denwal will perform a diagnosis based on the problems you are experiencing and will troubleshoot and recommend options.  We are here not only to diagnose and repair, but also to provide options of what may be best for you and save you money!

The $65.00 for the diagnosis will go towards the cost of repairing the PC, or you can simply pay only $65.00 for the diagnosis if you do not wish to proceed with repairs.  A worksheet is provided that has the details, options and suggestions based on the diagnosis performed.

Hourly Rate $75.00/hr.

General onsite technical support; set up of desktop, start menu and quick launch shortcuts, basic social networking assistance; assist you in organizing files (photos, music, etc.) on computer and or external devices; assistance with web, email and basic computer use; organization of wires and workstations; create system image (backup media required), website preparation assistance; printer setups; networking services; wire runs, and much more.

If you do not see the services you are looking for, feel free to contact us to inquire about additional services.

Service Calls based on hourly rate

Onsite technical support, wire runs, router set ups, onsite hourly services, etc.  Mileage fees may apply.

Mileage $0.90/km

Mileage fees are charged one way.

New Computer Setup – Personalize and setup your PC so you can enjoy it right away!

Perform first time setup; install critical and important updates and setup automatic updates; create user accounts (if applicable); optimize startup and shut down; web browser optimization; clean up menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts; remove unwanted programs and trialware; test network and internet connectivity; set default web browser, homepage and search provider; restore point created; clean up registry and programs.

Maintenance Service Plans – In shop only

Plan 1 – Physical Clean
Exterior cleaning (monitor, casing, keyboard, etc.) ports and interior dusting (USB ports, power supply, internal fans), disc drive cleaning.
Plan 2 – Maintenance Cleanup
Restore point setup; install critical system updates and setup automatic updates, removal of trialware/unwanted programs, optimize startup and shutdown; clean up and optimization of browsers, cleanup of programs and registry; full virus scan, defrag computer.
Plan 3 – Maintenance Plus
Includes Plan 1 & 2

Virus Removal

We can attempt a manual virus removal at an hourly rate.  If there are more serious viruses, a manual attempt is not guaranteed and we would recommend our Fix it Plan and Managed Protection Services.

Fix it Plan – Great to fix the virus infected PC or to Restore your PC like New

Your PC will be restored either to its original factory settings, or will have a new clean install.

New Computer Set up included.

NOTE:  You will lose personalization, files and all.  You will need to back up any important photos, documents, music, etc. You will need to reinstall software such as Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.), QuickBooks, Printer software, etc.   Denwal offers transfer of data (pictures, documents, etc.) to external media at an hourly rate.

Basic Data Recovery

Our Data Recovery Services can be performed in shop by one of Denwals Technicians.  We will remove the hard drive from our PC, attempt a Level 1 Data Recovery of the files on the HDD (photos, music, documents, etc.) so they can be saved to an appropriate external media (USB, external hard drive, disk).

Much More Services – Too much to mention!

If you did not find the services you are looking for, contact us to inquire about additional services.